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Website Questionnaire

Website Questionnaire

Please fill out the fields that apply

What are your primary Goals for this website?

Ex. - 'inform people of our services' - attract potential customers' - 'get people to call us' - 'get people to signup' - get people to donate to our cause'

What Call to Actions should be on the site?

Ex. - (call, email, signup, visit)

What type of functionality would you like to see?

<>Ex. - (Blog, events, picture galleries, etc.)

How many pages do you foresee in the initial development? (Please describe them.)

Ex. (4-5, home, about us, contact us, our services)

Client provides content. Do you have content that you would like to copy over to new site or do you want to start with new content?

(Please explain )

Do you currently have a domain name and hosting plan in place?

If so, what company? If not, would you like Fountain City Hosting to host your site?

Will you or one of your staff want to edit pages or manage the site

If you would like to update, edit pages or manage the site, what is your technical skill level

Please provide any feedback or comments that will help us create a proposal